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Dr. Laura Buschjost
(573) 635-2225

Titan Health offers you high-quality Direct Primary Care in Jefferson City, MO, and the surrounding areas. We have an on-site lab and pharmacy for your convenience, and have partnered with JCMG & Advanced Radiology to provide you with low cost, cash pay imaging services. Also, every visit with your doctor is scheduled for 1 hour, and you can visit the doctor as many times as you need.  All services are covered under your membership, including a wide range of surgical procedures. Start getting the care you’ve been waiting for, at a price you can afford, with Titan Health: Direct Primary Care.



Dr. Jeff Teeter
(573) 614-7022

Our mission is simply to serve you, your family and friends. We provide safe and gentle care by restoring and optimizing health naturally. The modern chiropractic, muscle and joint therapies that we offer are gentle and personalized; they are designed to help you achieve your health goals and improve your quality of life now, and for years to come.

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